Madrigal guerrero et lamentoso

Vita fluida II Audio-visual triptych

Music by Claudio Monteverdi (?)

Film by Maks Pallas

Based on the proverb "We never get into the same river", AuditivVokal Dresden explores in its audiovisual triptych, together with the film artist Maks Pallas, the emotional transitional areas of life in which hearing and perspective can change through kaleidoscopic breaks, prismatic reflections and profound reflections in the water: Grief transforms into joy, pain is followed by resolution and healing, emotional numbness transitions into a new aliveness.

The musical spectrum of the triptych ranges from microtonal sound metamorphoses by Nicola Vicentino (1511-1576), based on the tuning of the 36-tone archicembalo, to Claudio Monteverdi's (?) style of increased clarity in the articulation of affects, to the metatonal sound worlds of Alberto Arroyo (*1989), inspired by the findings of the voice researcher Alfred Wolfsohn and exploring anew the border areas of human possibilities of expression.

It should stir, act creatively
First create, then transform
Only apparently does it stand still for moments
The eternal continues to stir in everyone
For everything must disintegrate into nothing
If it wants to persist in being.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Set Design
Maks Pallas
Alberto Arroyo
Project Management
Nicole Meier

AuditivVokal Dresden


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