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The auditory annual brochure 2022

"The Charm Offensive from Elbflorenz"

Our new annual brochure is here! 

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Dear friends,

For us audiences, 2022 is also about the big picture: "Therefore: we live" is a short sentence from Heinrich Schütz's "Musikalische Exequien", which we will reinterpret for the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival. We will explore the topoi of life, death, mourning and the idea of eternal life together with the Spanish composers José María Sanía.
Spanish composers José María Sanchéz-Verdú and Alberto Arroyo as well as a scholarship holder who - like Schütz in his younger years in Venice - will receive a composition scholarship in Dresden.

The setting of an eternal light will occupy us in the spring in two concerts with the Dresden Philharmonic: In addition to the classic "Lux aeterna" by Györgi Ligeti, we will devote ourselves to Nicolas Gombert's "Media vita", which floats above all time. In gratitude to his patron Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse, Schütz composed "sounds of veneration" with his Italian madrigals - in the 15th year of our existence at the German Choral Festival Leipzig we have taken this as an opportunity to bring venerating sounds to life and celebrate prominent people with round birth or death anniversaries: these are Heinrich Schütz, the Sorbian composer Korla Awgust Kocor, Iannis Xenakis and the great voice researcher of the 20th century Alfred Wolfsohn. And we also venerate our home state of Saxony. With four world premieres, we want to make the aesthetic value and artistic potential of Saxon dialects and intonations tangible.

Today, Europe needs new and more ideas for better connectivity than ever before. In addition to the programme "Vision Europa", which we developed for the Schwäbisch-Gmünd Church Music Festival and which features a new setting of the Friedrich Schiller poem "An die Freude" by Vladimir Rannev, we will also travel to Eastern Europe and conduct a musical dialogue with Romanian works on Europe at the Cluj Modern Festival.

In Dresden, at the Staatsschauspiel, we will continue our reappraisal of the effects of inner-German East-West relations with "Die rechtschaffenen Mörder" (The Righteous Murderers) and, last but not least, we will deal with European colonial history: among other things, this has led to the disappearance of indigenous Chilean languages. In a production for Deutschlandfunk Cologne, among others, we are tracing these languages with several world premieres.

Speaking of history: since "Schlachthof 5" at the latest, we know that all time is all the time. You can experience the simultaneity of the past, the present and the future once again in February in Vladimir Rannev's ingenious setting at the Festspielhaus Hellerau, this time in a specially developed semi-staged version in concert design. And the story of Mechthild von Magdeburg will also receive special attention with the world premiere & CD recording of a new work by Reiko Füting, with which we continue the successful collaboration at the Gesellschaftshaus Magdeburg from 2018.

The undiscovered expanses of the compositional future also have a special weight this year. Not only in the revival of Arne Gieshoff's "Konferenz der Kinder", but also with two composition workshops, we are underlining our commitment to the next generation of singers and composers: once for children and young people in a production for the Children's Composers' Class of Saxony, and secondly for students in a composition workshop for the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival. The present 15 years of AuditivVokal Dresden mean always giving our all artistically, all the more so in the still very challenging Corona situation.

We therefore sincerely thank all our patrons and supporters, without whom our artistic work would not be possible in these difficult times. We will not be able to answer all the big questions artistically this year either. But this is also why we have been pursuing an intensive interdisciplinary approach since the very beginning of our existence.

We are therefore all the more pleased that we have been able to expand our team with the addition of our ensemble psychologist Prof. Dr. Maja Dzhemukhadze. She will be actively involved in the composition workshop as well as in the KI - Carthography of Voice Emotions - project and will also accompany our general artistic work. Let us inspire and enthuse you! We give everything so that we can enrich your life.

Best wishes in the name of all audiences,

Yours, Olaf Katzer

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The auditory annual brochure 2022
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