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The Conference of the Children

A production by KlangNetz Dresden e. V.

"The Conference of the Children" is a large-scale choral project for children and professional musicians, conceived as a free retelling of Erich Kästner's work "The Conference of the Animals".

Kästner's passionate appeal for the protection of our children against violence, war and intolerance is more topical than ever. The project transfers the successful production from 2019 to Chemnitz and reworks the work there with pupils.

Arne Gieshoff
Libretto by Alexander Gruber

Elisabeth Holmer, Artistic director
Olaf Katzer, Musical Director
Wolfgang Lessing, Pedagogical Director 

Ticket sales will be announced at a later date!

The Conference of the Children
© Martin Köhler
28.08.2022, 05:00pm
Markuskirche Chemnitz
Postponed to the 2022/23 season!

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