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Sounds of worship

Anniversary concerts for 15 years AuditivVokal Dresden

AuditivVokal Dresden is not only celebrating its own 15th anniversary, but is also following a programmatic idea with the "Verehrungsklänge" (Sounds of Worship) that has accompanied the ensemble's work for years anyway.

Thus, since the beginning, partly forgotten works of early music are performed as well as new compositions that deal with these older works. Since every cultural flowering fosters and produces its own knowledge, skills and virtues, which can hardly be repeated later on the same level, older cultural achievements and works of art stand as traces of older wisdom and sources of inspiration, which can give us decisive clues to our present orientation.

Anniversaries and historical days of remembrance have their origins in religious celebration. Specific forms of religious celebration live on in them even in secularised form. Religious festivals form a ritual language of emotional communication. With our project "Verehrungsklänge" (Sounds of Worship), we would also like to offer such an emotional experience and comprehension of history by uniting various anniversaries in one project. In addition to discoveries of early music and classics such as Iannis Xenakis' "Nuits", there will be world premieres of Saxon dialects.

15th birthday of AuditivVokal Dresden
60th anniversary of the death of Alfred Wolfsohn
100th birthday of Iannis Xenakis
125th anniversary of the death of Johannes Brahms
200th birthday of Korla Awgust Kocor
350th anniversary of the death of Heinrich Schütz
525th anniversary of the death of Johannes Ockeghem

"Wide sea, the bosom's harmonies join, Of majesty and virtue's splendour sounds praise of the winds. Such sounds of adoration my muse to thee do declare." Heinrich Schütz


Johannes Ockeghem
Mort, tu navré de ton dart

Iannis Xenakis

Heinrich Schütz
Grant us peace

Manuel Hidalgo
Beethoven's Scherzo from the 9th Symphony

Peer Baierlein
Hymn to the Musiek (in Leipzig dialect) - premiere

Maximilian Nicolai
In the hammerhouse - premiere

Alberto Arroyo
Do De Zar (in the Erzgebirge dialect) - premiere

Korla Awgust Kocor
Psalm 139, 23-24 (in Upper Sorbian)

Johannes Brahms
Erlaube mir, feins Mädchen (in the Vogtland dialect)

Grete Lienert-Zultner
Owengebiet (in the Saxon-Transylvanian dialect)

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