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A cosmos of worlds in scenic sound images

With a contemporary view of the legacy of the early Baroque composer Heinrich Schütz, a dance performance is being created as a fusion of classical instrumental music, song and electronic music on the occasion of the "SCHÜTZ22" festival year marking the 350th anniversary of his death.

The interdisciplinary project with dancers, singers and a music ensemble from Dresden deals with the theme of faith in times of inner and outer upheaval. In a dynamic and highly topical way, the question of humanity in times of crisis is posed against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine and the current relevance of art and community.

A music theatre production by tristanKombinat


Production / Choreography Andreas Heise
Stage / Costumes Sascha Thomson

Ticket sales to be announced at a later date!

© Volker Metzler
01.11.2022, 08:00pm
Trinitatiskirche Dresden-Johannstadt
Project Management
Isolde Matkey

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